Friday, April 20, 2007

Fr. McBrien Speaks - Uh oh

If you have never heard of Fr. McBrien from Notre Dame you haven't missed much. He is the priest most talk shows bring out when they want a really nice "leftish" view of the church. How he has managed to maintain his collar is beyond me.

As my previous post explain the Vatican has spoken on limbo. If you haven't read it yet please do before reading the rest of this post.

Well shortly after reading the "real" release I came across a plethara of other news releases. Nearly everyone of them had the following quote from Mr. Heresy himself.

"If there's no limbo and we're not going to revert to St. Augustine's teaching that unbaptized infants go to hell, we're left with only one option, namely, that everyone is born in the state of grace," said the Rev. Richard McBrien, professor of theology at the University of Notre Dame.

I know is must be a sin to call a priest "slow" but I can't help it. This guy just doesn't have a clue and my kids will never attend Notre Dame so long as he roams the campus.

Here is the "typical" news release about the Vatican's finding. Be sure to read the real release though as shown in my previous post.

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