Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Power to Choose

The recent tragedy in Virginia has rocked the nation. My prayers are with victims, including the killer, as well as all involved. It is hard to fathom such a tragedy and I cannot attempt to truly understand it.

But after talking to my wife and in laws about it over coffee I wonder if we, as a nation, should really be so shocked.

Upon checking the Priests for Life website I saw the following statistic: Approximate number of babies killed by surgical abortion in the USA since January 22, 1973: 47,644,084.

That is almost 48 million babies killed in cold blood!

The left of this country, and sadly some on the right, think it is OK to choose to murder an innocent baby. Yet when some insane person chooses to shoot 32 people and himself all we talk about is how aweful it is. Aweful indeed, but so is the cold blooded murder of 48 million sweet babies. What, pray tell, is the real difference? I'll tell you the difference... the Va Tech killer may be able to blame his murder on a mental disorder. What do we as a nation have to fall back on? A women's right to choose murder? Give me a break. Wake up Rosie O'Donnell, Hillary Clinton, and even you Mr. Giuliani.

I pray God has mercy on us all.

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