Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Letter to my Son's Guardian Angel

My daughter had her first soccer practice today. After some crying and sitting to the side she finally got into the swing of things and I think we may have the next Mia Hamm in the making.

After soccer we treated the kids to McDonalds.

During the drive home we noticed the sky growing dark. A few moments later we were in the midst of a massive, with a capital m, rainstorm. I mean it was coming down sideways.

We pull into the driveway and I open the garage door hoping to be able to pull the minivan in thus avoiding the rain. No luck since some knuckle head (me) left the riding lawn mower in the middle of the garage along with a bunch of other junk.

So my wife and I decide to make a run for it. We climbed through the back of the minivan and unbuckled the kids. My wife took the two girls and they had a blast running through the rain. I mean they were laughing it up big time!

I had baby duty and finally managed to get my 8 month old son out of his car seat. Here is where my son's Guardian Angel got busy.

I opened the door of the minivan and sprinted for the garage. Unlike my two girls, my son didn't enjoy the rain and began to cry (he never cries). This made me run faster.

The minute I stepped foot inside the garage, 8 month old baby in my arms, my feet went out from under me due to the slippery surface. Normally this would be something you would see on America's Funniest Video. But it is not so funny when your 8 month old son goes flying through the air landing face first on some shovels and inches away from the safety sensor for the garage door.

My wife sprinted for my son who lay motionless facedown. A second later he begins to cry. I am still on my back in serious pain. I finally get to my knees and look over to my wife and son expecting the worst. Guess what was wrong with my boy?

Nothing. There was not a single scratch or bruise on him. He literally flew several feet through the air landing on shovels and nothing was wrong with him.

I don't care if you are Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, or Aetheist. You need to believe Guardian Angels exist because they do. One particular Angel worked overtime tonight in Keller, Texas. And I thank them, and Our Lord and Lady, from the bottom of my heart for keeping my son safe when his Daddy couldn't.

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Jean M. Heimann said...

Great inspirational story!
I have added you to my blogroll.

Thanks for the technical help you gave me with my blog.

Have you checked out Catholic Dads? It's a new Catholic blog for dads that you may want to visit and join.

God bless you!

Jean M. Heimann said...


Here's the link for Catholic Dads http://catholic-dads.blogspot.com/index.html

Ron Pereira said...

Thanks Jean! I asked to join Catholic Dads. God bless and thanks for subscribing. My readership is really low right now... but God willing this will change one day. But if I can touch even one person I have succeeded in my blogging mission.