Saturday, April 7, 2007

Wecome to Catholic Reply!

As I sit here watching the Easter Vigil Mass in Washington, DC on EWTN I cannot help but remember where I was 4 years ago. I was being confirmed and receiving my first Holy Communion at my amazing parish - St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church - in Keller, TX.

Lots of things have happened since that amazing night. God has blessed me with 2 more children, I have seen major changes (most great) in my professional life, and most importantly my walk with Christ has continued.

Prior to coming into the church my life was quite different. I suppose I was not a horrible person. But I definitely wasn't what one would call a man of God if you know what I mean.

I have been deeply touched by Catholic apologists such as Tim Staples, Dr. Scott Hahn, and Patrick Madrid to name a few. The best Catholic website in the world, Catholic Answers, also deserves my kudos as I have spent many late nights reading and reading and reading.

I also owe so much to my fellow brothers in Christ from the St. Joseph's Covenant Keepers of Tarrant County. Men like Scott (Almir) Cook and Frank Laux have shown me how men of Christ live their lives. I owe so much to these guys.

In any event, Easter bunny duty calls so I will say farewell for now. Please drop me a line and say hello if you happen to come about my little blog.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with this. I've subscribed and wish you the best. You will be attacked if you are succesful. I note that you are opposed to Cafeteria Catholicism -- Good! Put on your armor!

Ron Pereira said...

Thanks! You win the award for the first official "commenter" to Catholic Reply. I realize some will come at me guns blazing... but the thing I have in my corner is the truth that is Roman Catholicism! God Bless.